Challenges You’ll Face While Building Up Your Data Analytics Team

A business has two options if they want to grow their data analytics capabilities: developing an in-house data analytics team or making use of managed analytics services. Multiple companies prefer the traditional first option, believing that growing an in-house team…

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Hiring Data Scientists: What and Where to Look For and How to Assess

Optimized supply chains, improved production efficiency, personalized customer experience, and boosted sales effectiveness are just some of the gains that our customers pursue when they turn to data science consulting services. Facing the growing demand for data science talent, we,…

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How To Benefit from Big Data Analytics in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Oil and gas companies are constantly facing a number of industry-specific challenges, including lack of visibility into complex operational processes, the difficulties of performance improvement, equipment life cycle management, logistics complexity, and meeting environmental regulations. Have a look at how…

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